Yesterday I received the following email from my busy friend, Sandi.

“Hi Marya,

You won’t believe what I just did: The last couple of days, I’ve been busy downloading lots of really good info. A few minutes ago, I decided that I would like some herbal tea so got everything ready to make it in the coffee maker (the water goes into the resevoir & down into the pot which contains the tea bag).

I waited a few minutes & then realized that the water wasn’t coming out. I said to myself “Why isn’t this downloading?” I laughed when I realized what I had said.

(I had plugged it into the right outlet… but I hadn’t turned it on.)


I laughed out loud when I read Sandi’s note. As for me, when I shut my eyes, I tend to see multiple browser tabs.

What do you think? Is it time to weed and focus your marketing efforts for 2010? It is for me: I’m biting the bullet and working hard at being more organized, with time for my goals; not just clients’. (You’ll know if I’m succeeding or not with the “time for my goals” thing by the number of posts here, this year!)

What are you doing to reclaim your life for 2010?

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