You don’t have the budget for a decent copywriter, and you’ve heard horror stories about “cheap” writers who either take your money and run, or who to your disappointment write worse than your 11-year-old niece.

You’re wondering if you could do it yourself.

Sure you can! Who knows your market and your customer demographic better than you?

The main reason a lot of people choose not to write their own sales copy is because they simply don’t like writing. Their passion doesn’t lie there. They feel they have more effective things to do with their time. However, if you’d actually love to write your own copy but you’re just not sure where to start, there’s a simple solution…

One thing I discovered when I decided to switch my focus to internet copywriting: It is unique. It has its own sets of rules and conventions. So even though I’d been in the publishing/marketing/writing/web design business since 1982, I ordered several copywriting courses and zipped my way through them before setting up shop.

All the ones I tried were good – but the internet copywriting course I’d unhesitatingly recommend above all others for internet marketers new to writing or with a small budget is Alice Seba’s Copywriting Sweetie course. Whether you have writing experience or not, Alice’s course will give you an easy, rock-solid grounding in all the basics. In fact, all her basic but thorough marketing courses will give you the best value on the net.

Check out her Copywriting Sweetie course, and find out why everyone really does think she’s a sweetie.

(Be sure to pick up a free copy of her Copywriting Tips, while you’re there!)

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