Just want to give you a heads-up on an issue that caught me by surprise with some of my blogs:  Namely, there was suddenly no way to enable or disable comments for my posts.

I wasted quite a bit of time, trying to figure out what was wrong.  The first time it happened, I thought it was an issue of the new Socrates WordPress theme I’d just purchased.  Then I realized that this latest WordPress upgrade was missing the comments-handling option completely!

This is what had disappeared from “Edit Posts”:
missing comments in WordPress

Here’s what to do, to get that section back:

  1. Go to “Edit Posts” in your dashboard
  2. Click on the “Screen Options” tab under your log-in name
  3. Select “Discussion”

(You may have to do that twice for your change to stick.)

On my own, I missed the “Screen Options” tab completely and couldn’t figure out how to get the comments handling back.  Fortunately, I had the world’s speediest help from the Support Forum administrator for my new Socrates theme (even though the support forum is for to handling theme-specific issues — not general WordPress issues).

So thanks very much indeed, Dan Nickerson!


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