I specialize in helping you create strong, original information products and sales letters. I also offer squeeze pages, emails, ads, catalogue copy and articles. My work is most often 80% research and testing, and 20% writing, so a lot of care and planning goes into each project.

I no longer price by set rates, since there can be a significant difference in the time needed for each individual client’s project. Instead, I price by scope of work – and whether or not I actually have room to fit your project into my schedule.

One revision or two minor tweaks is included per project, but please note – revisions and tweaks are not substantial rewrites. I charge full price for all rewrites, so please ensure all information I need to know for your sales letter or product is included and accurate, up front.

Email me at marya[at]knottwood.com, and I’ll be happy to send you a client questionnaire. Once you’ve filled it out and I’ve had a chance to analyze the scope of your project, I’ll be able to let you know if and when I will be able to slot you into my schedule.

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