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It needed to be said. And Alice Seba said it:

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”.

Alice was referring to the need to diversify internet marketing efforts, which we all agree is a good thing. There is more than one way to do it:

  • multiple clients
  • multiple projects on the go
  • multiple streams of income

But then she went one step further and expertly turned the subject on its head with a warning to beware the pitfalls of “Hyper-Niche Marketing”, a phenomenon where internet marketers rush from one project to another. All feverishly trying to create – and balance – multiple baskets full of eggs, heads spinning in a state of total chaos.

Alice points out: “But seriously, if you’ve got a ton of baskets to carry…how the heck are you going to carry all of them? It’s tough to do THAT many things well”.

She goes on to give 5 reasons why internet entrepreneurs in particular fall into this trap – and then offers 5 excellent counter suggestions on how to avoid it.

The “Get Rich Quick” Bug

This is one of the best internet marketing articles I’ve ever read, and that’s why I’m blogging about it – something I wouldn’t normally do and actually don’t have time for right now, with another copywriting deadline looming. But I think what she says, and the clarity with which she says it, is so significant, I’m pointing people to her post: “Myth or Real? Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket”.

I’d like to add a couple of thoughts to what she says, however: One of the biggest reasons people rush from one project to the next without ever completing and carrying each project through (and that’s probably about 85% of all would-be internet marketers, from what I’ve seen on the forums over the last 2 years)? They are seduced by the “Get Rich Quick” bug.

Being a successful internet marketing entrepreneur just doesn’t happen that way. As Alice points out, her own success was built up over a number of years, and started out with a good solid foundation in a related field – in her case, copywriting. It takes time, consistency and hard work to build a reputation.

On Being Trigger Happy

The other thing I see as a copywriter: we internet marketers are a strange breed, conditioned to rabidly buy at the first sniff of a sales letter. And our inboxes are flooded with them. It’s part of the culture.

Start out reading the familiar long copy format, throw in a few bullet points with intros so common they’re practically cliches – “3 sure-fire ways to”… “10 Top Tips for”…. “The Single Most Important”… – and we’re all salivating like Pavlov’s famous dogs (yes, that includes me). We’re hitting the “buy” button before we’ve even bounced our eyes over the subheads, let alone read the fine print.

And yes – it might genuinely be the most fabulous offer in the world you’ve seen for a whole 24 hours. But if it doesn’t fit in with your marketing plan and the step you’re scheduled to take now, chances are 99/1 it’s going to distract and sabotage your efforts.

Alice is right. Do one thing at a time, and do it well, before you race on to the next.

But she actually says it far better than I could. Find out why she’s one my my personal Top 5 Internet Marketing Heroes by clicking here.

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