Finding the right keywords is easy when you know what people are searching for. However, new internet marketers face a common problem – not being able to guesstimate good keyphrases longer than one or two words.

Run just one or two keywords in Google Adwords, and the results may be too generic.

There are two methods I use to combat this, when my brain refuses to be creative. The first is to run my basic keyword (or 2) in This quickly generates a list of what people are actually searching for, that day. You can then further test any interesting keyphrases that come up in the results, to see what Google or Adwords competition they have.

My other idea-generating technique is to access Google’s Wonder Wheel.

The nice thing about the Wonder Wheel is that it’s visual. Google generates a graphic that gives you a select number of top searches, based on the word(s) you input.

All you do to access this:

  • Pull up any search page in Google. Up near the top left corner, under the Google logo and search Text Area box, you’ll see the words “Show Options” beside a plus sign.


  • Either click on the plus sign or click on “Show Options”, and a drop-down menu unfolds on the left-hand side of your page.
  • Slide your eyes down the drop-down menu, and click on “Wonder Wheel”. You will then get a result similar to this:


In the center, you see the word(s) you entered. Around it, the top phrases searched for. The beauty of it is, you can click on any of these keywords, and it will open up into a second Wonder Wheel, specific to that phrase.

This is not advanced SEO – just a quick way to extract ideas for long-tailed keyword phrases out of one-or-two-word short ones.

But it’s all part of finding the right keywords

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