Within the wonderful world of internet marketing, traditional Google keyword research is dying.  And I’ve got good reason for saying that:  I’ve discovered the Bing keywords secret.

I’d noticed lately that search results on Google were become sparse for certain topics. (I suspect it might have something to do with Google’s peculiar abhorrence for anyone who might make a dollar online except themselves.)

I decided to see what was happening on Bing, and was stunned by the meaty results I got.

I put these Bing keywords to use, and my article clients quickly reported back that they were getting noticeably higher results using articles written with my Bing keywords.

Facebook and Bing Integration

It shouldn’t be surprising. Facebook is conjoined with Bing — not Google. Just the other day, Mashable reported that Facebook and Bing were rumored to be planning integration of Facebook-like data into search. As you no doubt know, Facebook seems to have taken over the globe this year — they’ve even made a movie about it (which reportedly spiked Facebook’s popularity by a ridiculous degree, within days of its opening).

Facebook comparison in QuantcastA look at data on analytics sites such as Quantcast and Alexa show a rapidly-ascending rise in Facebook’s use since August 2010. Alexa lists Facebook in the #2 spot, snapping at Google’s heels.  Considering Google has traditionally controlled and ruled the net since its birth, that’s truly something to think about.

Bing is also clean and streamlined.  And — unlike Google lately — doesn’t crash twice or more daily. But that’s a minor point, compared to the heady fact that, thanks to its Facebook connection, it’s setting itself up as a true “social search” engine.

Has Google Suggest Migrated to Bing?

Bing also provides you with a juicy list of searches that drop down the instant you enter your keyword (exactly like the old “Google Suggest” function I’ve been missing).

Will I abandon Google?  Certainly not.  True `Research’ means covering your subject thoroughly and squeezing out every last drop, looking for the diamonds among the dewdrops.  And considering Google does still sit in #1 spot, it would be plain foolhardy to throw the baby out with Google’s murky bathwater.

But while my clients are reporting noticeably positive results, Bing is going to be a vital part of my online research protocol.

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