Born and raised in Scotland, former scientist wrangler Marya Miller is compulsively addicted to both writing and marketing. She has always managed to squeeze the use of these skills into the most unrelated jobs during her 25+ year career. Her fascination with marketing grew out of “the satisfaction of matching the right products with the right people” during two “accidental” stints in retail.

Marya’s long writing and publishing career include editorial and production positions at various magazines, the most notable being TPUG Magazine, Horse Sport and Canadian Thoroughbred. She was also general manager of Newmarket’s The Independent News during the late 1980′s. Her mandate was to bring the floundering newspaper from the red to the black, which she did in six months.

A professional storyteller who formally trained under legendary traditional Irish storyteller, Alice Kane, Marya has twice been a featured guest performer at Toronto’s world-renowned annual Storytelling Festival.

And just what exactly is ‘scientist wrangling’?

at-brewer-lake“It’s wading out into the wilds of Ontario’s Algonquin Provincial Park and persuading Ministry Of Natural Resources field scientists to let me identify and inventory all the pieces of missing MNR equipment they’ve ‘borrowed’ from other departments,” she says.

Marya flatly categorizes confronting scientists emotionally attached to permanently ‘borrowed’ equipment as “far more dangerous than tranquilizing a rampaging moose.”

And now you know.

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