Well, since I last wrote a post here, I lost my computer (it fried in the heat wave to end all heat waves, back in the early summer)… and along with it, I also lost all my saved passwords. That’s an embarrassing thing to admit, She Said Airily; but hey, it could happen to you…

…that is, if you’re right-brained, which I am. (You left-brained folks sensibly keep well-organized, alphabetized databases, instead of sticking little colored post-its all over your computer monitor as yer main back-up system.)

Actually, the colored sticky post-its haven’t been a bad back-up system for me: But I forgot to take into account the fact that I also have a right-brained cat.

Very right-brained.

Well… alright: Way off in space-brained – he’s both Siamese and cognitively impaired. (Poor little tyke was stillborn; took 5 minutes to revive him, the breeder cheerfully told me months later.)

He likes batting the little colored stickies and watching them flutter prettily all over my office. Which is what happened with this blog’s log-in information.

But really, my log-in problem started with me being too clever for my own good. That is… way too clever for a right-brained person.

I decided that having “admin” as my log-in username wasn’t very safe, so I hired an expert to change it to something very complicated while beefing up my WordPress security. And the new username was so random I drew a complete blank after my Siamese ate my green sticky note. (I know he ate it, because he threw what was left of it up again.)

Fortunately, my expert is both left-brained and highly organized. She kept a record of the new username.

Too bad I didn’t think to ask her about it till now. Too bad I’m right-brained.

But at least I can still feel smug about hiring a left-brained person…