blogosphereYou read all these “How to be a Successful Online Entrepreneur” guides, and they all talk about:

  • Being organized and managing your time online
  • Maintaining a constant “presence” and being “visible” to your list
  • How easy WordPress (and blogging) is

Bah. Humbug, I tell you!  Myths, all myths!

I admit to being too busy to make the time I should for posting, lately – but it isn’t a time management issue – it’s those Unexpected Web Glitches that mess up my perfectly organized schedule!

Today I checked my blog and discovered that in Google Chrome, my blog sidebars had disappeared. Since this is my main business site, I spent an unscheduled 40 minutes testing and re-testing it, checking all my settings… and nothing seemed amiss (but it still wasn’t displaying). I was using the latest version of WordPress; all my widgets (the ones that should have been displaying in the sidebars) were internally present and accounted for; and I hadn’t done a single thing to the blog setup since the last time I saw it displaying correctly.

I have to say, I really like Google Chrome. It’s the perfect browser if your only option is a limited-memory Turbo Stick wireless plan (Firefox is such a megabyte hog, I’ve given up on it). But Chrome still doesn’t support extensions very expertly, and it apparently still hasn’t ironed out several little glitches and bumps.

Chrome, WordPress or User: Which to Blame?

I don’t know if my Disappearing Sidebar issue was a Google Chrome thing… or some WordPress error. After 40 minutes, I gave up in frustration and wrote this post (which originally concluded differently, since the sidebars still weren’t showing up) …but lo and behold, when I previewed it just now, the Disappearing Sidebars suddenly…

came back.


(Why Me, O Lord? I needed that 40 minutes!)

Of course, the reason I’m right to the wire, instead of having a comfortable leeway, is because last week, I lost 2 entire days after a site I had to research on behalf of a client project blessed me with an incredibly nasty virus. I had to Stop the Presses and have my entire computer overhauled, to eradicate all viral traces and repair the damage (which cost almost as much as the project earned).

And I know, I know… I should have stuck to my Perfect Schedule. But the reality is… it’s a harrowing thing, when half of your site suddenly goes AWOL!

(Ya know, they don’t tell you about these “little” time-wastin’ glitches in Entrepreneur Skool…)

Think I’ll go drown my sorrows in a nice hot cup of  Fair Trade Yukon Dark Roasted. (How do you deal with these sort of internet monkey wrenches?)