Very quickly, I’d like to share a new online market research link I just discovered by accident. It’s a site called Access My Library, and what it offers is the ability to research over 30 million articles online – and, what’s more, you don’t have to pay.

What it does is find a list of all articles, in response to your search term. Then you sign up once (by entering your zip code) and it instantly suggests all the local libraries in your geographic area. Pick the biggest, and click; and if the article is in their database, you have instant access.

More than One Use

Conversely, you can use Access My Library as an article suggestion or possible niche research tool.  If you click on a Topic (category) name, you will see various areas neatly laid out, including a hot topic  “Featured Article” of the day, as well as specific subcategories

  • Arts and Humanities
  • Business
  • Consumer
  • News and Advice
  • Culture and Society
  • Education
  • Government, Law and Politics
  • Lifestyle and Personal Interest
  • Medicine and Health
  • News and Current Events
  • Science and Technology

Reliability Rating

Where does it fall in reliability? Somewhere between using an authority site, and the mess of spurious articles on the net.  It does access legitimate, in-print publications, which generally means better quality data, since offline writers are required to document, cite and substantiate sources as a matter of course; whereas misinformed or unscrupulous online writers can – let’s be frank – make up anything, if they have access to a website.

But on the other hand, Access My Library is monetized, and probably CPA-ized too, since it basically captures a lead (your zip code), so take that into account.

I’ll definitely use it again: For one thing, it proved to be a convenient, handy and lightning fast way to find reputable articles on my subject!