I’ve just installed Mike Challis’ Fast and Secure Contact Form blog plug-in on a personal blog site, and I’m so pleased with how easy it was to set up and how well it works, I thought I’d share.

You can find it easily by searching right within WordPress when you’re adding plug-ins. It works by creating a completely new page with the contact form embedded. You just add the page to your navigation; in my case, via a “Contact us” link in the sidebar. Your new contact page does the rest.

It’s highly customizable, and there’s a link right in the plug-in blurb to an easy-as-pie screenshot showing you exactly what to do.

Includes CAPTCHA and Akismet support, and no Javascript is required. Here’s what it looks like after a minute or two of customization on my Christmas blog…


There are lots more features. You can check them out at Mike’s site.

Fast and Secure Contact Form is perfect, if you’re looking for a simple option.