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Google Keyword Tool Demystified

Whether you know about the Google Keyword Tool or not, here’s something great for new marketers.

Eric Giguere (author of my favorite Privacy Policy Plug In) has written a delightfully clear guide to properly using Google’s free AdWords tool – and he’s generously inviting everyone to download it and enjoy.

This is my shortest post yet – but the keyword research guide Eric is sharing is so ideal for people who are still foggy on solid keyword research, I couldn’t resist sharing it.

He does mention the Micro Niche AdSense course – and Micro Niche Finder, which I love – but there is no huge sales pitch to wade through; just a really focused, handy AdWords Keytool guide.

If this sounds like something you could really use, read KeywordSearchToolGuide online ( or download and enjoy).

You can find more of his work at his main website.

Thanks, Eric!

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Moms Working From Home Beware

This morning I sat in on one of Kelly McCausey’s “Monday Morning Breakthrough” live chats at Mom Masterminds – a weekly event she offers for moms working from home who are part of the MomMasterminds forum. ( “MM”, as it’s affectionately known, has been running like clockwork since 2004.)

Why did I put aside that precious hour, when I’m so run-off-my-feet busy that I’m turning down clients?

Well, on September 8, Kelly McCausey held her first (we-hope-annual) “Totally Free Tuesday” – a live online event packed from morning to night with top, high-powered and highly successful work-at-home-mom speakers. The purpose of the event was to welcome new work at home moms (and dads) into the community – and help them start off on the right foot. (“Starting off on the right foot” means saving them the usual year of getting ripped off by deals which Aren’t, then wasting time trying to make these spurious and often incomplete products work).

Usually when you hear of an event like this, any internet marketer expects the inevitable product or membership to buy at the end of it – but not if you know Kelly McCausey. She’s tough, she’s blunt, but she’s also 100% through-and-through, a pillar of business and personal integrity. Helping work at home moms is her passion.

From morning to night, her participants in Totally Free Tuesday got nothing but high value, all the way – with nothing to buy.

My Own Personal Monday Morning Breakthrough

I booked the afternoon and evening “off” to attend – and it was phenomenal, way exceeding my expectations. In fact, it was one of my greatest days in Internet Marketing and even though I’m not exactly new, I too came away with real nuggets of priceless information I’m putting into practice every day.

When I found out Kelly regularly does a mini version of this event, with one guest, it was only natural to book an hour off my writing time to join in the weekly “Monday Morning Breakthrough”, since I’m a member of the “Mom Masterminds” forum myself.

One of the subjects Kelly touched upon was the thorny question of publicity and promotion. Since I work behind the scenes 95% of the time, it’s never been something I’ve thought about all that much, though I admit I have felt real pressure from other IM experts to “maximize my exposure”. I’m constantly being told I should create dozens of personal information products, guest-blog here and there, hold teleseminars, make videos, run teleseminars, host a membership site and send out a slew of regular press releases (not to mention putting my grinning face on every social networking platform I can sign aboard).

When Publicity And Promotion Do More Harm Than Good

Don’t get me wrong – publicity is good – when it’s natural and organic. And that was Kelly’s point.

She spoke about thousands of moms working nearly full time, offering time, service and products for free on “giveaways”. And – what’s worse – actually paying significant sums of money simply to create connections and popularity. Naïve little behind-the-scenes workhorse that I am, I was surprised to hear her say fiercely that they should have been getting paid for promoting products, spending their valuable time on other peoples’ businesses. She talked specifically about deals like the Dyson vacuum cleaner, where mothers were given a Dyson for 2 weeks to use, just so they could write a favorable review. At the end of the 2 weeks, they had to personally pack up the machine and send it back.

I always say “no” to PR “opportunities” because I’m way too busy writing. That’s what I am – a writer. That’s what I do. I turn down work regularly, thanks, and don’t need publicity for publicity’s sake. But thanks to Monday Morning Breakthrough, I learned the 2 most important questions I should ask, should I ever be tempted, the next time anyone wants me to pay for the chance to promote them. (New moms working from home take note.)

Those questions are:

  • “What will you pay me to do this promotion?”
  • “Did this deliver the payoff that I hoped? Was it as enjoyable as I expected it to be? Was the payoff as high as I had hoped?”

And now I’m off to put the valuable advice I personally received from Life Coach Aurelia Williams (Kelly’s special guest this week) into practice.

And fellow copywriter Lexi Rodrigo – here’s my 15 minutes of personal blogging that I promised you I would do. ;-)

If you’re a work-at-home mom marketer, do yourself a huge favor and check out Kelly McCausey’s high-quality, complete products and services on her WAHM Talk Radio blog. Join MomMasterminds and get in on the Monday Morning Breakthrough – be prepared for a refreshing and easy-to-take “wake up call” – and some very solid help.

Finding The Right Keywords

Finding the right keywords is easy when you know what people are searching for. However, new internet marketers face a common problem – not being able to guesstimate good keyphrases longer than one or two words.

Run just one or two keywords in Google Adwords, and the results may be too generic.

There are two methods I use to combat this, when my brain refuses to be creative. The first is to run my basic keyword (or 2) in This quickly generates a list of what people are actually searching for, that day. You can then further test any interesting keyphrases that come up in the results, to see what Google or Adwords competition they have.

My other idea-generating technique is to access Google’s Wonder Wheel.

The nice thing about the Wonder Wheel is that it’s visual. Google generates a graphic that gives you a select number of top searches, based on the word(s) you input.

All you do to access this:

  • Pull up any search page in Google. Up near the top left corner, under the Google logo and search Text Area box, you’ll see the words “Show Options” beside a plus sign.


  • Either click on the plus sign or click on “Show Options”, and a drop-down menu unfolds on the left-hand side of your page.
  • Slide your eyes down the drop-down menu, and click on “Wonder Wheel”. You will then get a result similar to this:


In the center, you see the word(s) you entered. Around it, the top phrases searched for. The beauty of it is, you can click on any of these keywords, and it will open up into a second Wonder Wheel, specific to that phrase.

This is not advanced SEO – just a quick way to extract ideas for long-tailed keyword phrases out of one-or-two-word short ones.

But it’s all part of finding the right keywords